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Translation pricelist

Kind of the textEnglish – Czech translationCzech – English translation
Common text200,- CZK/SP250,- CZK/SP
Medium specialized text230,- CZK/SP280,- CZK/SP
Highly specialized text290,- CZK/SP340,- CZK/SP

1 standard page (SP) = 1800 letters, including gaps.

Express translation within 24 hours = basic price + 50 %.

The prices of translation are negotiable. It is possible to arrange them individually, based on mutual long-term cooperation.

Explanatory notes:

  • Common text - text without special technical terms and majority of business correspondence
  • Medium specialized text - documents with a slight number of special technical terms
  • Highly specialized text - technical manuals, special scientific studies, contracts etc.


The minimum charge for a translation is 200,- CZK.

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